Linggo, Enero 18, 2015

Install a Bathroom Shelf and Shower Footrest for Your Convenience

Another useful add-on that may or may not already exist in your bathroom is the sturdy shower footrest, which is very helpful when shaving and soaping the legs. Instead of reaching down to do these things, you can just place your foot on the footrest so it won’t be as hard. The footrest commonly comes in the form of a bar or a pedestal.

Biyernes, Enero 16, 2015

Add Simple Things like a Shower Shelf to Outfit Your Small Bathroom

Showers can be built in any size, and much smaller bathrooms even only have the shower and no separation between it and the toilet. Storage space is a problem with small bathrooms, and that’s why it’s ideal to go with a recessed shower caddy in Australia as it takes up minimal space because it is embedded in the wall. Bathtubs aren’t advisable as they take up too much space, but there are bathtubs available in small sizes, but make sure it fits the bathroom well.

Miyerkules, Enero 14, 2015

What are the Do’s and Don’ts during a Bathroom Renovation Project?

Before you start scraping away the tiles, vanity mirrors, shower heads, and other bathroom essentials out of their bonded places, you first have to have a clear bathroom renovation plan. You have to discern what kind of renovation you want for your bathroom—is it simply a cosmetic tile replacement, or a complete overhaul? Researching and deciding what look you want your bathroom to exude once the project is done ensures that you’ll get a bit more out of your budget. For instance, when it comes to plumbing, if you’re planning to have your bathroom fully overhauled, it would be best to leave the plumbing where they are. Not only is retrofitting a new plumbing system expensive, it can also cause long-term damage. As such, keeping them in place lessens such risks from arising.

Lunes, Enero 12, 2015

About Bathroom Renovations: A Couple of Vital Things to Keep in Mind

Once the plumbing is in fine working order, you can now determine where your nice bathroom niche is to be installed. Companies such as Ripple Systems offer a myriad of niche designs that can easily be installed for your newly-renovated bathroom. Their design mixes form and function, as they take up minimal space while at the same time make the most out of such small space they occupy for your toiletries and other bathroom paraphernalia while giving a sleek, modern vibe. Installing these niches eliminates the need for cumbersome baskets that look unappealing and could even damage your shower heads.