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Ways to Efficiently Use a Recessed Bathroom Shelf for Storage Space

When organising or renovating any room in the house, being familiar with the current arrangement of the items helps you to know the subsequent layout desirable for the size and purpose of the place. This is particularly true for small bathrooms where every space should be maximised. Amid other available small storage solutions, the recessed bathroom shelf is trending among many homeowners right now as it not only presents an orderly bathroom, but also efficiently maximises all hidden and unused areas as well. Situated above the sink, below the ceiling or beside the shower room, a built-in structure can be placed in available areas that may seem awkward or counterproductive for storage. With some creativity, however, niches may also be combined with other organisers like putting hooks for hanging clothes and woven baskets for cosmetics.

Biyernes, Hulyo 17, 2015

Ways to Use Different Storage Solutions like a Recessed Shower Shelf

Looking for places to store various items is a common problem most homeowners have when organizing their bathrooms. When frustration hits, getting a bigger bathroom seems like the most viable option. You could also, of course, exercise a little creativity and resourcefulness to make the most of what space you have. Before you begin arranging anything, it’s important that you create a thorough plan or layout for how you want your bathroom to look like after the renovation, or after you’ve merely spruced it up. Produce an inventory or a list of all items currently placed inside, then separate the materials that you still need from those you don’t. Afterwards, position essential items like bathing paraphernalia in accessible locations such as inside the shower room or above the toilet and the rest in hidden areas.

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The Do’s And Don’ts of a Bathroom Renovation: Points to Ponder on

Of all the rooms in your home, the bathroom is the one place where you can savour some truly relaxing “me” time (apart from your bedroom, of course). Since it’s also one of the most frequented places in your house, it’s also subject to inevitable wear-and-tear, from potential damages like cracked and/or stained tilework to water damage along the walls. When such problems occur over a long period of time, a renovation will typically be required in order to fix the problems. As a major undertaking, though, a bathroom renovation project is no simple task at all. It requires you to judiciously plan and subsequently balance your personal preferences and needs along with the project’s total cost. In order to maintain a smooth overall process, you must take note of these Do’s and Don’ts.

Lunes, Hulyo 13, 2015

A New Bathroom Niche and a Few Tricks Can Help Declutter Your Toilet

Think of the most cluttered places in your home. Is it your round-the-clock busy kitchen? Your child’s bedroom or playroom? The living room? When you take a harder, closer look at your bathroom, you’ll find that the bathroom is usually the last to be cleaned up, and the various bath and grooming clutter remains in there for days. Believe it when you’re told that when there’s grooming, there’s clutter. Nonetheless, bathrooms get the priority for small or full-scale bathroom renovations, next to kitchens. Clutter is a vexing problem in any limited space. The compact nature of the average-sized bathroom makes it constantly expedient to leave things around, especially when not much storage space have been built in there. Without closets, shelves, or adequate niches to keep things in order, it will be extremely difficult for anyone to find a place for the basic bathroom stuffs one would need.

Biyernes, Hunyo 12, 2015

Bath Makeover: How a Recessed Bathroom Shelf Makes All the Difference

If you are tired of loose shower caddies falling off their hooks or decaying into rusty buckets, consider going up-market and installing a recessed bathroom shelf from leading providers like Ripple Systems. In fact, savvy builders are including these as part of a standard new build bathroom or shower design. Usually, more than one storage shelf is the way to go so as to accommodate the many people using the bathroom and everyone else who wants to leave some things in there. Don't despair if you have an old house where nothing was attached to the walls to help you out with storage, these built-in shelves are easy to install. As long as you are working with a stud wall, the basic process is to draw an outline of your niche against the wall, cut out the rectangular outline, insert the bathroom shelf into the cut out area and seal in, paint or tile over.

Huwebes, Hunyo 11, 2015

Buying Shower Storage Accessories: A Shower Shelf or Shower Caddies?

Shower storage accessories are needed when you find yourself placing toiletries on the floor, the edge of the bath, or anywhere unsightly. Toiletries are a necessary part of day-to-day life when using your bathroom, and storing them in a practical yet stylish manner can enhance the look and feel of your bathroom and shower areas. Bathrooms and showers are places where people like to unwind. Tripping over someone's shampoo bottle (particularly those designed with a spiky spout on the top), is no way to start off a relaxing, bath-zen experience.

Miyerkules, Hunyo 10, 2015

The Ultimate in Bathroom Design: Recessed Shower Niches and Footrests

A bathroom renovation is a major investment in your home; it is crucial in increasing its comfort, appeal, and value. Knowing where to compromise when formulating the plans and where to splash out are very important. This allows you to consider the quality of materials to be used and their durability when planning your bathroom renovation. Homeowners always want an inviting and convenient bathroom, one that is attractive as well as practical. The available options for bathroom renovation are diverse, but the biggest constraint homeowners face is usually space. When optimising bathroom space, always think of functional shower recesses, storage, shelving, and niches—features that can limit the clutter that makes a bathroom appear smaller and less alluring.

Martes, Hunyo 9, 2015

Installing Shower Niches and Other Top Tips for Bathroom Renovations

When thinking about renovating a bathroom, it is natural to be tempted by super-slick designs and terrific showhome wetroom areas. And why shouldn't these be attractive? After all, with a bit of know-how and creativity, these amenities can be yours to enjoy – all without a hefty price tag. Another aspect to consider is that when reselling any house, the best option is to make bathroom renovations look as luxurious as possible. Many families shopping for new homes are prepared to pay top dollar for a top finish, and that includes the little touches such as luxury tap fittings and one or two shower niche units. With these facilities installed, the return on your investment later down the line can be in the thousands.

Lunes, Mayo 25, 2015

Recessed Bathroom Shelf as an Ingenious Storage Space-Saving Solution

Bigger bathrooms often suggest opulence and luxury—at least the luxury the owner would allow to create that big a space for a bathroom. For most homeowners, however, particularly the more savvy ones, opting for modest bathrooms is an acceptable alternative where they can play around with the effects to make the space appear bigger through ingenious space-saving designs, including installing small-scale built-in organizers and shower niches. One of these remarkable ideas for storage solutions is a recessed bathroom shelf, which may be bought in shower niche and footrest stores, such as Ripple Systems. These space-saving and time-saving products come in pre-fabricated and ready-to-tile forms. There are various sizes of dual shelves and niche storage solutions and these are made from durable and waterproof materials. The shelves, properly installed in its recessed niche, nicely fit the room’s overall aesthetics.

Sabado, Mayo 23, 2015

A Bathroom Shower Shelf is Great for Storage and to Save Valuable Space

Space is always a concern in any part of the house. People like to make the most of their space and not just carelessly place things around and end up making the place look cluttered. This is especially true of the bathroom. Unless you are one of those who have a big, luxurious bathroom that is roughly the size of a bedroom, then you probably have a smaller standard-sized one where space is a concern. Homeowners need not worry, however, as there are design tips and ideas that aim to make the most of the space in a small bathroom. One such idea is to make use of a bathroom shower shelf or caddy, where all the things you would need when showering can be placed and so will take up less space. There are a number of shower caddy types to choose from, and each are as functional as the other.

Huwebes, Mayo 21, 2015

Share a Bathroom Easier with Scheduling and Bathroom Renovation Tricks

It doesn’t matter if you’re living with your family or with roommates: sharing a bathroom often proves to be a bane than a boon. It’s fair to say that bathroom sharing isn’t really popular with anyone, but while it’s certainly difficult, it can also be done effectively with the help of sound scheduling and nifty bathroom renovation tricks. Squeezing a bit more storage space should be your foremost concern. Sharing a smaller bathroom with several people is highly likely to create clutter—from hair care products taking up cabinet space to toothbrushes all over counters, and almost everywhere people could stash their stuff. When it comes to creating additional space in a small bathroom, don’t look down; look up. Make use of your walls by adding new shelves, an over-the-door rack, bins under the sink, a caddy in the shower, or a sturdy shower recess from dealers like Ripple Systems.

Martes, Mayo 19, 2015

Minor Bathroom Renovations Such As Niches Make for Major D├ęcors

Renovations continue to revitalize the economy, with two-thirds of homeowners expressing their intent to renovate parts of or their entire home. The kitchen and bathroom are the most popular parts of the house up for renovation, according to a recent survey. Whereas a quarter of women want to overhaul the kitchen, a little less than a quarter of men want to remodel the bathroom. Market experts expect the trend to continue until at least 2017, with renovation budgets growing tighter. Less than a third want to spend $5,000 or less for the project.

Linggo, Mayo 3, 2015

Recessed Bathroom Shelf Suitable to Hold Items for a Neat Bathroom

Effective bathroom storage provides extra breathing space for homeowners while keeping various items in one place. To enlarge certain areas inside, shelving units are placed above the bathroom door or built within walls for a neat and elegant interior. A recessed bathroom shelf is slowly trending for its functional and versatile design in all bathroom sizes. When planning to open up a wall for bathroom shelves, you may consult shower niche and foot rest experts like Ripple Systems who offer pre-fabricated and ready-to-tile shower niches for easier installation in any bathroom type. It is recommended that the recessed shelves be made waterproof to prevent the growth of mold and made from durable materials for longevity. Whether to be used as a bathroom shelf or shower footrest, homeowners can rely on professional shower installers and remodelers to accommodate adjustments in the bathroom design without neglecting design compatibility.

Sabado, Mayo 2, 2015

A Recessed Shower Shelf Provides Extra Space to any Bathroom Size

A large or small bathroom space would not matter if different items are cluttered and misplaced everywhere. From baskets to trays, different storage organizers may be used to arrange towels and toiletries in one place, and even reduce the risk of accidents from the disorder. To save more space, a recessed shower shelf may be installed for small bathroom items. If you believe you require more space in your bathroom, you may choose to have a recess renovation instead of adding more bulky cabinets by calling on shower niche companies like Ripple Systems. Bathroom renovators like them offer pre-fabricated and waterproof recessed shower shelves to provide more space to small bathrooms, or large ones already cramped full. Ready-to-tile types made of durable materials are more practical now and are ideal for a more convenient remodeling.

Biyernes, Mayo 1, 2015

Having a Flexible Design for Easy Bathroom Renovation in the Future

Homeowners are starting to learn to think ahead when considering a bathroom renovation. They are planning it in such a manner that the bathrooms are functional now and can easily be updated later if the need arises. The bathroom must especially be ready to change along with the needs of the homeowner. Having this in mind when thinking of the renovation plans will make it so that not much renovation will be needed when the time comes for additional features to be added. One of the important things to consider when planning a renovation is the shower, since this is one of the functions that is mainly used in the bathroom. There are many options when it comes to showers, from the kinds of material used to the various shapes and sizes they come in. Majority of showers are made with the traditional 4x4-inch tile, while some use either stone, porcelain, or subway tile.

Huwebes, Abril 30, 2015

Bathroom Renovations: Do’s And Dont’s Before Starting Your Project

If you’re looking to add more to your home’s current resale value (as well as give it a refreshing new aesthetic), you’d do well with small to full-scale bathroom renovations. Last year, a mid-range bathroom remodel cost over $16000 on average, and you can easily recoup 72.5 percent of what you paid for come resale time. However, a bathroom, though smaller in space, is no minor remodelling project. Consider these important Do’s and Don’ts before embarking on your renovation. DON’T forget about storage. After taking a shower, it’s simply a drag to go all the way to the hallway closet just to grab a towel. You can solve this by putting a small closet, armoire, or chest inside the bathroom itself where you can stash your essentials within easy reach. It’s important to plan on maximising the storage space for your toiletries before you start smashing the walls.

Linggo, Marso 22, 2015

Recessed Bathroom Shelf: Proper Installation for Storage Solutions

A large bathroom is quite ideal for many, but most households actually have smaller spaces where they can perform basic hygiene. Small bathrooms are the cost effective options in many homes, but without proper organization, they can get cluttered and uncomfortable. This does not have to be the case, as there are a number of solutions that can make even the smallest bathroom look good and give one a relaxing experience. All it takes are clever storage organizers and a bit of imagination. A practical way to utilize space is to replace large storage solutions with moderately-sized organizers, such as coat hooks instead of towel rods, and magnet boards instead of storage boxes. To expand the small area, a large square mirror can be placed on top of the vanity, while a recessed bathroom shelf can hold small items in one place.

Sabado, Marso 21, 2015

Modern Bathroom Shelf: Space-saving Organizer of Your Bathroom Items

From various lotions to your regular toiletries, a number of items can clutter a bathroom without effective storage organization. Bathroom fixtures and accessories like shower shelves and caddies can be used to properly store all your bathroom items. With careful strategy, organizing your items doesn’t have to cost a lot. For homes in Australia, shower caddy options are not limited to bulky shelves and fixtures. In fact, the most effective bathroom organizers would probably be recessed shower shelves. This is particularly true in small bathrooms with little room to spare. Noted shower niche manufacturers like Ripple Systems offer different sizes of ready-to-install shower niches made with durable materials for longer use.

Biyernes, Marso 20, 2015

Bathroom Renovation Tips to Help Maximise Your Money and Bath Time

After years of living in the same house, homeowners may want to implement some changes to certain areas. This is why they turn to home remodelling experts to get the job done, especially if they’ll be working on one of the most commonly renovated areas in a home: the bathroom. It is said that the average person will spend about 1 and a half years of their lifetime in the bathroom and that is perhaps reason enough to invest in comprehensive bathroom renovation.

Huwebes, Marso 19, 2015

Home Bathroom Renovations: Clever Storage Tricks to Avoid Clutter

Storage is a big concern in home remodelling projects, especially when it comes to full or small-scale bathroom renovations. After all, the bathroom has to hold quite a number of products and knick-knacks—makeup, razors, hairbrushes, toilet paper supplies—all of which need a place of their own. Without the right space, the bathroom could get cluttered, and when a bathroom gets cluttered, stress can’t be too far behind. Fortunately, squeezing a lot more space from the bathroom is possible with a few simple ideas. Here are some of them.

Sabado, Pebrero 7, 2015

Update that Bathroom Shelf: Tips for Designing a Modern Bathroom

Suspend your furniture – The foremost hallmarks of modern bathroom design are simplicity, minimalism, and cleanliness. All this can be achieved by employing a few visual tricks, particularly wall-mounted bathroom furnishings. Aside from choosing a beautiful sink or cabinet, you may want to opt for a recessed bathroom shelf that frees up much floor space for a sleeker, clutter-free look. Geometry all the way – Another distinguishing factor of the modern bathroom design is the prominent use of geometric shapes on virtually everything—from rectangular mirrors and cabinets to oval sinks and other accents in various shapes.

Huwebes, Pebrero 5, 2015

Make a Small Bathroom Feel Bigger with Shower Shelf Visual Trickery

Storage wars – A bathroom may be as small as humanly possible yet still brim with sundry items inside. The first visual trick has to do with innovative storage ideas. For instance, you can opt to carve out additional storage by installing a recessed shower shelf between a large-enough space, such as where two walls meet, and store some of the smaller trinkets in there instead of placing them on the counter. These shelves certainly don’t take up floor space and are perfect for maximising as possible. Maintain a uniform hue scheme – To create the illusion of more space, keep the colour scheme uniform instead of opting for alternating colours (e.g. black and white) that break the space up and make it feel smaller than it really is.

Martes, Pebrero 3, 2015

Bathroom Renovation Projects: Proper Waterproofing and Installation

Fortunately, top-quality shower recesses are designed to be installed without the need for major reproofing since they are already waterproof. That being said, an additional layer behind the recess wouldn’t hurt. If you do prefer to carry out your bathroom renovation project by yourself, then be sure to choose the best products. A zero-fail, ready-to-tile shower recess that is quick and easy to install—such as what Ripple Systems manufactures—is the perfect choice if you want an uncluttered bathroom.

Lunes, Pebrero 2, 2015

Various Ways to Repurpose a Good Shower Niche for a “No-Poo” Advocate

On top of that, even if you join the no-poo movement, you’ll still need a shower niche for other essential hygiene products such as your facial cleanser and body wash. With a bit of imagination, you’ll realise that an in-wall shower niche can be so much more than a space for beauty care products. For instance, you can spice up a plain-looking bathroom by placing a potted plant in the niche. Spider plants make an excellent choice, given the stuffy air quality common in a typical bathroom. Orchids, on the other hand, add a dash of colour.

Linggo, Enero 18, 2015

Install a Bathroom Shelf and Shower Footrest for Your Convenience

Another useful add-on that may or may not already exist in your bathroom is the sturdy shower footrest, which is very helpful when shaving and soaping the legs. Instead of reaching down to do these things, you can just place your foot on the footrest so it won’t be as hard. The footrest commonly comes in the form of a bar or a pedestal.

Biyernes, Enero 16, 2015

Add Simple Things like a Shower Shelf to Outfit Your Small Bathroom

Showers can be built in any size, and much smaller bathrooms even only have the shower and no separation between it and the toilet. Storage space is a problem with small bathrooms, and that’s why it’s ideal to go with a recessed shower caddy in Australia as it takes up minimal space because it is embedded in the wall. Bathtubs aren’t advisable as they take up too much space, but there are bathtubs available in small sizes, but make sure it fits the bathroom well.

Miyerkules, Enero 14, 2015

What are the Do’s and Don’ts during a Bathroom Renovation Project?

Before you start scraping away the tiles, vanity mirrors, shower heads, and other bathroom essentials out of their bonded places, you first have to have a clear bathroom renovation plan. You have to discern what kind of renovation you want for your bathroom—is it simply a cosmetic tile replacement, or a complete overhaul? Researching and deciding what look you want your bathroom to exude once the project is done ensures that you’ll get a bit more out of your budget. For instance, when it comes to plumbing, if you’re planning to have your bathroom fully overhauled, it would be best to leave the plumbing where they are. Not only is retrofitting a new plumbing system expensive, it can also cause long-term damage. As such, keeping them in place lessens such risks from arising.

Lunes, Enero 12, 2015

About Bathroom Renovations: A Couple of Vital Things to Keep in Mind

Once the plumbing is in fine working order, you can now determine where your nice bathroom niche is to be installed. Companies such as Ripple Systems offer a myriad of niche designs that can easily be installed for your newly-renovated bathroom. Their design mixes form and function, as they take up minimal space while at the same time make the most out of such small space they occupy for your toiletries and other bathroom paraphernalia while giving a sleek, modern vibe. Installing these niches eliminates the need for cumbersome baskets that look unappealing and could even damage your shower heads.