Linggo, Marso 22, 2015

Recessed Bathroom Shelf: Proper Installation for Storage Solutions

A large bathroom is quite ideal for many, but most households actually have smaller spaces where they can perform basic hygiene. Small bathrooms are the cost effective options in many homes, but without proper organization, they can get cluttered and uncomfortable. This does not have to be the case, as there are a number of solutions that can make even the smallest bathroom look good and give one a relaxing experience. All it takes are clever storage organizers and a bit of imagination. A practical way to utilize space is to replace large storage solutions with moderately-sized organizers, such as coat hooks instead of towel rods, and magnet boards instead of storage boxes. To expand the small area, a large square mirror can be placed on top of the vanity, while a recessed bathroom shelf can hold small items in one place.

Sabado, Marso 21, 2015

Modern Bathroom Shelf: Space-saving Organizer of Your Bathroom Items

From various lotions to your regular toiletries, a number of items can clutter a bathroom without effective storage organization. Bathroom fixtures and accessories like shower shelves and caddies can be used to properly store all your bathroom items. With careful strategy, organizing your items doesn’t have to cost a lot. For homes in Australia, shower caddy options are not limited to bulky shelves and fixtures. In fact, the most effective bathroom organizers would probably be recessed shower shelves. This is particularly true in small bathrooms with little room to spare. Noted shower niche manufacturers like Ripple Systems offer different sizes of ready-to-install shower niches made with durable materials for longer use.

Biyernes, Marso 20, 2015

Bathroom Renovation Tips to Help Maximise Your Money and Bath Time

After years of living in the same house, homeowners may want to implement some changes to certain areas. This is why they turn to home remodelling experts to get the job done, especially if they’ll be working on one of the most commonly renovated areas in a home: the bathroom. It is said that the average person will spend about 1 and a half years of their lifetime in the bathroom and that is perhaps reason enough to invest in comprehensive bathroom renovation.

Huwebes, Marso 19, 2015

Home Bathroom Renovations: Clever Storage Tricks to Avoid Clutter

Storage is a big concern in home remodelling projects, especially when it comes to full or small-scale bathroom renovations. After all, the bathroom has to hold quite a number of products and knick-knacks—makeup, razors, hairbrushes, toilet paper supplies—all of which need a place of their own. Without the right space, the bathroom could get cluttered, and when a bathroom gets cluttered, stress can’t be too far behind. Fortunately, squeezing a lot more space from the bathroom is possible with a few simple ideas. Here are some of them.