Huwebes, Abril 30, 2015

Bathroom Renovations: Do’s And Dont’s Before Starting Your Project

If you’re looking to add more to your home’s current resale value (as well as give it a refreshing new aesthetic), you’d do well with small to full-scale bathroom renovations. Last year, a mid-range bathroom remodel cost over $16000 on average, and you can easily recoup 72.5 percent of what you paid for come resale time. However, a bathroom, though smaller in space, is no minor remodelling project. Consider these important Do’s and Don’ts before embarking on your renovation. DON’T forget about storage. After taking a shower, it’s simply a drag to go all the way to the hallway closet just to grab a towel. You can solve this by putting a small closet, armoire, or chest inside the bathroom itself where you can stash your essentials within easy reach. It’s important to plan on maximising the storage space for your toiletries before you start smashing the walls.

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